Kral Sofrasi


Copyright: Suad Kamardeen/unsplash

Kral Sofrasi

The harbor's upscale restaurants offer fairly similar experiences to that of Antalya proper. For instance, consider dining at the picturesque Kral Sofrasi — a place where the somewhat higher price range is a testament to its consistent reliability. This spot offers a dining experience you can always count on for quality and service — just what you need for a special night out.


The Turkish cuisine — a wonderful mixture of simple nomadic foods, Byzantine luxury and fresh raw ingredients — is considered to be one of the best in the world. Turkish speciality is the small starters known as meze, together with grape-distilled rakı. Unlike the stuff you get abroad, a kebab is always meat cut into pieces or minced meat. Another minced meat course is köfte (meatballs) which, just like kebabs, are served in dedicated köfte restaurants. The most popular soup is iskembe. It is made of cow stomach and served with vinegar. Seafood is very popular on the Turkish Riviera, too.