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Nestled just 72 km from Antalya, the sun-drenched town of Manavgat awaits. Here, golden sandy beaches meet intriguing historical sites, while a picturesque waterfall and mysterious caves beckon explorers. A wealth of restaurants, accommodation options, and shops promise to make your visit to Manavgat both comfortable and enjoyable.

Do & See

Antalya boasts must-see attractions to cater to every age and taste. History enthusiasts can step back in time with sites like the Hadrianus Triumphal Arch, Hierapolis and Yivli Minareli. Families with children will delight in the thrilling Waterhill, Atlantis, Park Aqua and Dolphinarium, or explore the fascinating marine life at Antalya Aquarium. Don't limit yourself to the city limits — adventurous spots like Side and Belek await outside Antalya. The only task left is picking your favourite attractions.