Hayyam Pub


Copyright: Zeynep Sümer/unsplash

Hayyam Pub

Hayyam is a traditional café and pub that is an longstanding institution in Antalya. With its reasonable prices and high quality, it is a good place to go for the budget-conscious traveller.


The Turks like to frequent garden cafés, where they drink tea or coffee, spend time together and just relax. Turkish pastries are sweetened with a great amount of honey, which, as a matter of fact, also quenches your thirst. Tea is made of mint, apples and different herbs. Caffeine aficionados will get a chance to taste the rich, dark Turkish coffee. Brewed in a traditional pot known as a 'cezve', it's enjoyed slowly, allowing time for conversation and relaxation, and a game of Tawula (Turkish Backgammon). A symbol of hospitality and friendship, this potent brew often concludes meals and is usually accompanied by a piece of Turkish delight or a square of dark chocolate, creating a perfect harmony of strong and sweet flavours.