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A Coruña


MAOW studio & shop

A beautiful boutique with exceptionally aesthetically pleasing items on sale - perfect place to choose a gift for loved ones or simply a souvenir to take home.


A Coruña is an intriguing commercial showcase in which department stores co-exists with small and specialized enchantment stores. Although the visitor has several big shopping centres at their disposal, the Galician capital is famous for its antiques, fashion, jewellery shops and ceramics. Stores of luxury along with crafts stores, among others, exhibit in their showcases designs of silver, jet and Galician ceramics. Lacework from Galicia is widely known, however, the most popular craft is embroidery which is often done in the family. Embroidery has been raised to the level of a veritable art in two thoroughly Spanish domains: firstly, in the ornaments used for pasos during Holy Week and secondly in bullfighters’ costumes. The shopping centres in A Coruña are split into zones, and the Obelisk zone is the biggest of the shopping malls where all the usual designer clothes, sunglasses and everything else under the sun are available. Other malls include the Picasso district and Calle Barcelona.