Redcliffe Quay

St John's

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Redcliffe Quay

Redcliffe Quay is a shopping village where Antiguans run their shops and sell local souvenirs at affordable prices. Long ago, the village used to be the main trading place for slaves, rum, sugar and coffee. Today, the village offers a variety of excellent restaurants and a range of small independent boutiques. Whether you're looking for local handicrafts, clothes, delicious pasta and seafood dishes, mouth-watering wines — Redcliffe Quay is a must-see during your stay in St John's.


St John's offers a variety of shopping options for any taste and budget, including shopping centres and local markets. Jolly Harbour and St John's are the two most visited shopping spots on the island of Antigua. Explore the boutique shops and art galleries, local markets and craft stores around the island that sell souvenirs and organic products grown locally.