Le Bistro Restaurant

St John's

Copyright: Louis Hansel/unsplash

Le Bistro Restaurant

There's always a gentle breeze passing through Le Bristo's beautifully decorated dining room. It offers a romantic experience with a seamless dinner and personalized service. Choose from an array all freshly cooked dishes that combine French elegance and Caribbean vibes. Despite being on the costly end, the portions are big and you can share them along with a bottle of great French wine.


St John’s is a bustling tourist hotspot with numerous dining options to cater to any palate and budget. Restaurants in Antigua offer a diverse range of flavours, best experienced in picturesque settings with exceptional service. Along the beachfront, you'll find top-notch restaurants serving a variety of cuisines, all featuring fresh local seafood. Enjoy fresh lobster, local specialities or take a culinary world tour.