Hemingway's Caribbean Cafe

St John's

Copyright: David Todd McCarty/unsplash

Hemingway's Caribbean Cafe

Hemingway's is housed in a historic wooden West Indian-style building from the 1800s. The restaurant has a terrace where you can sip a nice cocktail or have a meal with a view of the bustling centre of St John's. Hemingway's offers top-notch cuisine for both lunch and dinner, as well as a prompt service in a true Caribbean atmosphere. Some of the menu options include lobster, lamb, goat and a variety of curries, not to mention a great selection of cocktails and wines.


St John’s is a bustling tourist hotspot with numerous dining options to cater to any palate and budget. Restaurants in Antigua offer a diverse range of flavours, best experienced in picturesque settings with exceptional service. Along the beachfront, you'll find top-notch restaurants serving a variety of cuisines, all featuring fresh local seafood. Enjoy fresh lobster, local specialities or take a culinary world tour.