5am Hike Club

St John's

Copyright: Luke Porter/unsplash

5am Hike Club

The 5am Hike Club is an experience designed for early birds who want to get some outdoor physical activity at the crack of dawn, in the friendly company of other nature lovers. The hike is free, but donations are welcomed. Collected funds are directed as supporting local charitable initiatives. The hikes are roughly three to four miles long, so make sure you pack some snacks, fruit and water. Wear comfortable shoes and athletic clothing. There’s usually a doctor or nurse in the group, as well security for any unexpected event. Every hike has a different level of difficulty.

Do & See

Contrary to what you might believe, St John's is not just a beach holiday destination. It is definitely a place to lie on the beach and watch the world go by, but that is far from being it. St John's also offers a variety of options for culture vultures, hungry for museums and historical sites to get a good grasp of the city's culture and history. Moreover, the city caters for all those thrill seekers looking to have an adventurous holiday by engaging in water sports, hikes and other outdoor activities. Last but not least, you can also enjoy its stunning cuisine and the excellent shopping options.